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KIC has launched multiple innovation boot-camps and programs for all age segments in Kuwait and graduated more than +40 innovators including some which implemented patentable ideas and projects.

KIC Innovation boot-camps are considered unique and outstanding in the GCC region where the content is a mix of the international and local developed curriculum.


Kuwait Hackathon 2019 was held under the auspices of His Highness Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Informatics Award and in cooperation between Hemma Tech Accelerator and the Kuwait Innovation Center, with the participation of 105 students divided in 26 teams from 7 different universities. These universities
participated in 3 different courses.

A number of universities participated in each course that lasted for 4 days, during which male and female students gathered inside the Kuwait Innovation Center. These courses were supervised by a group of experts in the field of development, programming, and mechanical engineering, who helped the participants throughout the different stages of work, starting with the stage of brainstorming that aimed at guiding the participants to choose ideas that help in the development and growth of the environment surrounding us; then managing ideas to become economically feasible, and later converting these ideas into tangible innovations to become independent projects in the next stage.





KUBOT Challenge is an annual competition that takes place between private and model schools. The competition depends on teaching students how to make robots
execute certain tasks. Through this challenge, participants learn several scientific
concepts, including programming; sensors that take readings from the environment and convert them into electrical signals; robot programming principles
and intelligent algorithms; problem-solving techniques using technology; and
teamwork and its importance to present technical solutions. All this takes place within the challenge that stimulates students to be innovative and creative in
a standard time.

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