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What is Innovation spaces ?

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

An innovation space is a collaborative workspace inside an institute for making, learning, exploring, and sharing that uses high-tech to no tech tools.

Technology leaders and institutes are reshaping the way we live through their continuous development, innovations , and inventions. It is time to join those innovators and leaders through creating the right environment and Eco-system “Innovation Space”.

Innovation Space is a factory of talents, it provides users with the latest technologies and tools that will allow them to transform their ideas into physical products, provides them with training and develop skills, connect them with the community, and finally connects the theoretical curriculum with real-world applications making meaning for laws and theories.

Outcomes of Innovation Space

The idea of innovation space came from believing that we can raise an innovative generation that can keep up to date with the fast growth & development of technology. We assure you that the innovation space is the pivot point that will change students’ view towards studying through:

• Providing the opportunity to innovate.

• Creating real-world applications for classroom concepts.

• Exposing students to new opportunities.

• Building critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

• Developing a wide range of 21st-century skills.

Space as a Revenue Stream for College

We know that building an Innovation Space costs a lot, but we can look at this from another point of view as it can be a revenue stream for the institute where both financial & economical successes can be achieved.

• Space can be utilized to do summer programs and paid workshops

• Space can be utilized to form internal competitions

• Space can be utilized to participate in international

competitions and engaging in the innovation community

Innovation space Tools & Technologies?

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